Complimenting the RTI intervention programmes, Sadhana Foundation has strived hard to inculcate the value system among the youths and to build up them as social leaders for the future. In the process it organises youth camps at various places to reflect upon socio-economic and political order of the country as well as the state and emerging issues there of. Mostly rural youths and volunteers of Sadhana Foundation participate in the camp and provisions for the camp are organised locally. Still now we have organised youth camps at Kesinga (Kalahandi), Atabira(Bargarh), Rairakhol(Sambalpur), Govindpur(Dhenkanal), Bhubaneswar(Khurda), Youth Hostel(Puri), Gandhi Labour Foundation(Puri), Salepur (Cuttack), Badgaon(Sundergarh).