Amidst the aboundance of resources and wealth the poor and the marginalized section of the society is in a struggle to get access to the basic needs of life and a space for dignified engagement with the rest of the social strata. There is need for qualitative and comprehensive work for development and welfare of poor, neglected, marginalised, underprevileged sections of people such as children, women, aged, scheduled caste, tribes and other weaker sections of the people of the society. Realising the gravity of the inequal social order and the governance deficit, a group of social activists have founded "Sadhana Foundation" – a trust for equality, empowerment and engagement. It will ensure intervention for change.

The Ambience

Sadhana Foundation in its goal to achieve the welfare of the marginalized sections will create an ambience for cultural progress by promoting performing arts like dance, drama, street play & other traditional cultural programmes as well as study, research and preservation of various art forms.