Activities/programmes of Sadhana Foundation(2018/19)

5.One Day Programme on Menstrual Hygiene and Management An awareness programme on Menstrual hygiene and management at Ward No. 29 was organised by SWATI-NULM BMC with the support of Sadhana Foundation , Bhubaneswar for urban Slum women SHG leaders on 7 th of Arril 2018.more than 5o female participants got informed about proper sanitation and hygiene during menstruation cycle.We made them also aware about the benefits of sanitary napkins.CMMU managers from BMC ( Bhubaneswar Municipalty Corporation ) and SWATI official staffs graced the occasion and discussed about the benefits such as reduce risk of urinary tract Infection by using damp and dirty traditional menstrual cloths or using sanitary napkins for longer than 5/6 hours can be harmful for them aswell.The goal of this programme is to ensure that women and girls can manage their periods in a way that is ot only healthy but can be help to prevent multiple infections and diseases.

6.Celebration of World environment day Sadhana Foundation along with Institute for Youth and Disaster Preparedness (IYDP) , sananayapalli , Khurdha celebrated “The World environment Day “ on 5 th of June 2018 at IYDP office premises .the villagers joined together and took the vow to protect our nature and save the environment as well. They heartly welcomed the ban of plastic and plastic related things as it is becoming poisions day by day .Prof. rabi narayan panda , Convenor , Mr. raj Kishore sahoo , Secreatary , Mr. suryakant mohapatra and Ms. Sujata Mohapatra ,secretary , Sadhana Foundation graced the occasion. The messege of World Environment day 2018 was “beat plastic pollution” by United nations ,which was a call to action for all of us to come together to combat of the great environment challenges of our time.

7.Capacity Building training on Leadership and communication A capacity building training programme on leadership and communication was organised by sadhana foundation and SWATI , Bhubaneswar on 6 th of June 2018 at bhubaneswar slum (Bharatpur).Near about 50 SHG leaders from Chakadola Area Level federation participated actively in different events like jhoti chita painting ,group singing (Community song) , group discussion and presentation , displyas of posters and leaflets etc. Ms.Mandakaini Samal and mr. Sushant kumar pradhanfacilitated the day long process.

8.Workshop on “Women Safety and Empowerment” Sadhana Foundation , Bhubaneswar has organised one day workshop on Women’s safety and Empowerment sucessfully at Lohia Academy , Bhubaneswar on 11 th August 2018.Mrs.SWATI Maliwal , Chairman of Delhi women Commission gave the key note address.she also gave a call to all women of the country to get united and fight against injustice and shared about her struggle in Delhi and discourse of “Rape Roko Movement”. Ms.Kiran Negi , member of Delhi Women Commission , Mrs. Satyabhama Rath, Naturopathist and Mr. Muntaqeem Buksh from Cuttack also chaired the workshop and shared their valuable points to the participants .at last , a brief interaction session on “ Challenges for a Woman in her life “was conducted where many participants expressed their views and experiences combating such situations in their life.

9.Observation of International Women’s day Sadhana Foundation and SWATI , bhubaneswar observed International women’s day in association with Area Level Federations of Bhubaneswar different wards where the Corporators , SWATI team members , ASHA workers , Anganawadi Workers and MASS members . We celebrated together with the community and took the oath to raise our voices against inequalities , injustices, violences and corruptions.Members from Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation also joined there and praised the initiatives by the SHG members.

10.Demand for proper representation of women in electoral politics Sadhana Foundation in association with “ Shakti – The political power “ gathered the women leaders from all the sectors – civil society organisations , women forums , Area level federation members ,transgender community ,students community and media persons were the part of that programme.it was a nation wide campaign throughout India in major cities like Bhubaneswar , Delhi, Hyderabad , Bangalore ,Mumbai, Ahemedabad , Chennai anf Thiruvanthapuram.

Hundres of women came together voluntarily for Shakti Women’s day event at lower pmg square to make the demand for 50% election tickets for female candidates for coming Lok Sabha Election.

11.Survey on Common Resourse Mapping Sadhana Foundation , Bhubnaeswar got an opportunity to work with FES ( The Foundation for Ecological Security) a registered non profit organisation based in Anand, Gujarat, India working towards the Ecological Restoration and conservation of land and water resources i.e.ecologically fragile , degraded and marginalised regions of the country through concentrated and collective efforts of village communities. On 29 th of march 2019 , we completed two nos. of survey and mapping of common land and water resources as a process of village common resources mapping at Salatara and Nuagaon village of Gediapalli Gram Panchayat of Khurdha district with the active support of local villagers and PRI members .Mr. sandeep Jena , the technical person along with Mr.suryakant Mohapatra , Treasurer of Sadhana Foundation completed the process successfully. STARR , Bhuaneswar (Society for Training Action , Research and Rehabiltation ) had organised the entire programme along with manyother CBOs and NGOS of different parts of Odisha.

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