Mr Soumya Ranjan swain ( Executive Director )

Mr Soumya Ranjan Swain having his Masters in Computer application had joined the corporate sector. But he was convinced that his empathy for the down trodden has a different call. He joined the India against Corruption movement led by Anna Hazare in 2010 and took the resolve to work for social transformation. Since then Mr. Swain has been a steadfast force in the social mobilization arena of the state of Odisha and has been active in many transformational fields. He along with likeminded friends have established this "Sadhana Foundation Trust" to ensure sustainable intervention in the social order and to ensure uplifting of the downtrodden as well as empowerment of the marginalized.

Mrs. Sujata Mohapatra ( Secretary )

Mrs. Sujata Mohapatra is active in the field of RTI movement for the last seven years. Starting her RTI activism from the "Ghoos Ko Ghoosa" campaign spear headed by "Parivartan" in the year 2006, She is engaged as a campaigner and trainer in the field of RTI for all these periods. Now acting as the state coordinator for the non-registered RTI platform "Odisha Soochana Adhikar Mancha" She is fully engaged in to implementing RTI in the state. With her guidance the RTI volunteers of the Mancha are working in different districts and have emerged as the catalytic change agents in their respective areas of operation.

She is also a state level resource person for RTI & panchayatiraj training organized by the department of Panchayatiraj and Gopabandhu academy of Administrative training. Also she is assisting a number of NGOs in streamlining RTI in to their project areas. Presently she is a consultant to SWATI an organization working in kandhamal district on RTI & leadership development. She has been a part of a number of projects and studies in RTI under taken by Transparency International, NCPRI & OSAM.

• Worked as the community Based Rehabilitation Volunteer for Odisha Association for the blind for 2 years.

• Worked as a National Service Volunteer for "Neheru Yuva Kendra" for one year under a Govt. of India Scheme for youths.

• Worked as the student volunteer of IYDP, an NGO for 6 years in the field of Disaster Preparedness and management and Environment Education.

Suryakant Mohapatra ( Treasurer )

Mr Suryakanta Mohapatra a progressive farmer from Khurda district has been active in the social field since the year 1999. The Super cyclone in Odisha and the subsequent desperation of the population drew him out from the comfort of his home. He worked in the field of Disaster preparedness with an organization namely IYDP for more than five years and then moved on to work in the field of Right to Information and transparency. Known as an RTI activist of his area, Mr Mohapatra dreams of an egalitarian social order and works for realization of his dream. His experience has been the grounding stone for Sadhana Foundation.

Jyotsna Mohanty ( Trustee )

Mrs Jyotshna Mohanty has been active professionally in the social sector field for a decade. Her forte is study & research. She is the trustee of Sadhana foundation and is responsible for the project implementation section. As a trustee she is an asset to the Sadhana Foundation Trust.